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安睿理財策劃(香港)有限公司 ipac financial planning Hong Kong Ltd.

ipac is an international financial advice and investment group that has been helping clients achieve their financial and chosen lifestyle goals since its formation in Australia in 1983.

ipac manages more than US$14* billion for tens of thousands of individuals and institutions worldwide.
Its financial planning process is practised in
Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and South Africa.

ipac is widely recognized for the quality of its financial planning advice.

Our service

ipac helps clients take control of their financial future by providing specialised
on-going advice in the areas of:
wealth creation and capital preservation
managing lump-sum payments e.g. inheritance, compensation settlements
children’s education fund planning
retirement planning
career transition and overseas expatriate placement
investment portfolio management

Children's Education Fund Planning

There are two undisputed facts regarding your child’s schooling.
Firstly, you can give them no better start in life than a quality independent education; and secondly, this will not come cheap.

In order to have financial freedom for yourself and at the same time provide an excellent start in life for your child,
 you need to initiate the planning to cover the costs of their education many years in advance.

The biggest mistake that parents can make is not starting to plan early enough, because whilst education fees are expensive,
if you plan early and spread the costs over a long period of time, the effect can be relatively painless.

Otherwise, having embarked upon a private education for your children,
you could have difficulty in continually funding school fees as this commitment significantly diminishes your net disposable income.
The rate of school fees is rising faster than inflation, which makes it all the more important to start providing for these costs as early as possible.

To find out how you can provide the greatest gift to - and investment in - your child, make an enquiry or see an adviser now, or call us at 2285 2169.

Contact : Pan Rainbow Jihong 潘紀虹
Tel: 2285 2888
Fax: 2285 2899
E-mail:[email protected]
Address: Suite 5101-03, 51/F, The Center,99 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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Suite 5101-03, 51/F, The Center,99 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong