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money tree.親子財經班.金錢與你.理財教學

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The original idea came from a classic book, the Richest Man in Babylon. We’ve been offering seminars and workshops, to promote financial education for Hong Kong people since 1997. We have created MoneyTree for Beginners, MoneyTree for Parents and MoneyTree for Women. Our seminars are well-designed to deliver complicated financial education in a fun and easy way. It’s not difficult to teach a money seminar/workshop; however, it’s very challenging to deliver the message in a way that participants from all walk of lives can learn and create values together. Besides seminars and workshops, we’ve also extended our service to book publishing.

In 2006, our major goal is to launch new workshops MoneyTree for Super Kids and MoneyTree for Sales Managers, as well as to produce series of educational products, audio book, comics and other products, in hard copies and electronic format. And we would love to expand our business to not only China, but Asian countries and the western world.
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