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可讓你的婚禮近乎於零壓力中舉行/A different planning experience where we listen and do all the chores
A shop of brides wedding gown, evening dress, bridesmaid dress, men suit, mother dress and Chinese style dress.
We provided Wedding Dress, Evening dress Rental Services, Professional makeup and Hair Styling Services.. Be our Brides, we provide difference.
WEDDING PACKAGES: For weddings with 200 guests or more , Full day of photography (up to 12 hours) by Lisa B on the day of your wedding, One additional photographer, High resolution DVD.
由婚紗、晚裝設計, 婚禮攝錄, 以至新娘造型創作乃出於一份使命感,我們相信婚禮是人生一個非常重要的日子,能參與其中成為往後美好回憶的一部份,實在充滿荣幸與推動力。
Vintage Wedding dress & Evening gown ,Free Fitting, Tel:92077637,Welcome to WhatsApp us!
為您量身訂做一個全新的自己提供給您的是一生的精彩,一輩子的回憶 創造出屬於您最完美的婚紗服務
開張了3個月,有超過200件晚裝,30件PARTY DRESS,70件婚紗,30套男禮服,以及裙掛/主家人服裝。全部會有專業改衫師傅去跟進每一件禮服,務求令到新娘子有最美的THE ONE
LUNA  |  婚紗  |  晚裝  |  禮服
Athena Valorus is a tailor expert in bridal gowns, evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses with superior workmanship and fit. Bride may design her own wedding gown to suit her personal style. We listen,
售賣歐美古典復古精緻蕾絲婚紗及晚裝, 古典頭飾頭紗首飾, 所有婚紗晚裝100%源至歐美, 非常珍貴特別, 並有租借服務, 星期一至五: 6:00pm 後, 星期六至日/公眾假期: 2:00pm - 6:00pm 歡迎預約試身!
We offer various kinds of wedding dress with modern design, fine quality fabrics & decorative accessories, stylish cutting for brides to have a wonderful wedding memory
Front View Production offers 10,000+ Chinese, western vintage & modern props and a 1,000 feet studio for rental. Experienced in designing custom-made photo shoot settings. Near Chai Wan MTR station.
Rent a wedding gown or evening dress from us and we will include all alterations required and a jewellery set
We provide various garment styles which range from simple cut & sewn like Shirt, Jacket, Pant, Skit, Dress, T-shirt, Polo-shirt, Pullover, Hoody, Zip-up, sweaters
To provide the best service to every bride and bridesmaid ‧most updated styles of dress from all over the world
Dress  |  gown  |  wedding  |  bridesmaid  |  姊妹裙
服務範圍包括各類形的廣告攝影, 產品攝影和時裝攝影等. 如新顧客有大量而類近的產品需要攝影, 我們誠意提供免費試影一張, 從中了解顧客的需要.
現時可提供全系統或分類租賃服務,例如綠佈景拍攝,實時虛擬背景系統拍攝, 實景多角度即時切換拍攝,後期配音及混音,後期數碼剪接,外景器材租用,網上直播服務等。
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