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歡迎小批訂單 時裝( 女裝,童裝 ) / 製服/ 班Tee / 團體Tee / 斜揹袋 / 頭巾 /宣傳袋 / 攬枕 / 手機殼

本公司自設廠房, 主力生產: 時裝( 女裝,童裝 ) / 製服/ 班Tee / 團體Tee / 斜揹袋 / 頭巾 /宣傳袋 / 手機殼... 等宣傳品 接受客户提供的設計圖案或公司及機構商標,生產制服. 我廠可提供絲印,熨畫,綉花, 一般洗水技術. 主要為各大公司機構, 學校團體,班TEE, 宣傳裝服, 時裝店等..提供團體服飾設計及訂造服務. 我們另可生產手袋設計, 首飾設計. 我廠在東莞有
時裝批發  |  女裝  |  男裝  |  童裝  |  成衣

高檔婚紗禮服 工廠直銷 深圳展廳免費試衫,歡迎提前預約

婚紗禮服批發, 婚紗禮服工廠直銷, 婚紗禮服高級定制,公司自主設計、生産、研發,高檔外貿出口品質! 服務于國際一線品牌,低端價位!打造京城性價比第一家!

A key element inshopping for any custom made clothing is trust

We have been one of the best tailors in Hong Kong for the past 22 years helping our demanding clients get exactly what they desire.
女裝  |  服飾  |  男裝  |  西裝  |  褲子

Our main product lines include sweater tops, dresses, jackets and accessories

Founded in 1981 by Mr. C. Cheung, Hing Shing employs over 2,000 workers and houses over 4,000 sets of auto and handflat knitting machines today.
男裝  |  女裝  |  童裝  |  圍巾  |  手套

Offering Men&Womenswear,Accessories and Bag collection as well as Custom Tee to Casual Daily Wears

Launched in 2012, Tomato Design is an original Hong Kong design fashion company composed by two passionate and energetic local designers. The DOODLES and WIBOY are the house label of Tomato design, of

we produce high quality assurance, competitive price and maintain good shipment

we provide efficiency service to our customers and quick sample facility

Corum has manufacturing facilities located in both Hong Kong and China

Established in 1975, the Corum Knitting Factory is among the finest knitwear manufacturers in its industry over the world.
針織品製造  |  女裝  |  男裝  |  童裝  |  配飾


新款方形雷達手錶 (RADO) 型號: R13432212 藍寶石表面,石英機身,銀色鋼錶殼及錶帶, 30米防水功能. 九成新有出世紙,全套包裝齊全. 如有興趣請e-mail致: angel@pmachk.com
雷達手錶  |  藍寶石  |  方形手錶  |  watch  |  rado

Sun Basic Co., Ltd. is one of the most reputable leaders in the industry

In today's fashion industry, knitwear undoubtedly plays an important role. Besides being an accessory, knitwear is also an essential item in fashion collections.


女裝手袋  |  公文袋  |  旅行袋  |  錢包  |  手袋

Knitwear plays an important role in today’s fashion industry.

In recent years, numerous knitting factories, mainly in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have been set up to cope with the increasing demand for knitwear products.
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Kam Wah Co提供半身包布公仔、模特兒公仔、衣架掛鉤等服務

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