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樹木檢查, 風險評估, 修剪服務

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Ginkgo Greenery Consultant Co 

本公司由國際樹木學會註冊樹藝師及攀樹師成立, 專業承接樹木普查, 樹木移除, 樹木修剪, 樹木風險評估, 樹木栽種, 特設"簡易樹木檢查套餐", 以特惠價錢推廣重點指出高危樹木, 進行相應工作, 防止意外發生, 降低風險

另外提供園林設計, 時花, 戶外土地平整 等相關服務

歡迎致電96964747, 或電郵[email protected] 免費報價查詢

Our company is operated by International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist & Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist.  Our business nature : tree survey, tree removal, tree pruning, tree risk assessment, tree planting.  We provide "Simplified Tree Inspection Program" with special price to promote the importance of spot out the high risk tree, provide relevant tree works in order to avoid potential hazard.

Also provide landscape design, seasonal flower supply, outdoor site clearance and other related services.

Welcome to call 96964747 or e-mail [email protected] for free quotation or details 


Tree Survey 樹木普查

Tree Removal 樹木移除

Tree Compensatory 樹木賠償

Tree Pruning 樹木修剪

Tree Risk Assessment 樹木風險評估

Tree Planting 樹木栽種

Simply Tree Inspection Program 簡易樹木檢查

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